Thursday, July 17, 2008

summer spin in and dye workshop

had a great day at Andrea's yesterday, several of the girls wanted to learn how to dye, and dear Andrea (bless her heart), helped them... they had never done any dyeing before, so she had to start from the beginning with them... about 5 of us, hide away on the back deck and spun in the "sunshine"... till the sun got too hot, then we moved around to the front of the house into the shade..we had a very NEW spinner come yesterday... we met her at the WW knit in public day...and she was very keen on learning to spin, the other Sheila had an old,(we figured it must be 60 years old as Sheila has had it 20 years, and it was 40 when she got it...) traditional Ashford, i told her if she could spin on it, then she could spin on anything... by the time she was ready to go home, she had it down pat, i know it will come and go, but she is a natural...she is kicking herself now as she just got a full time teaching job, and gave up a Substitute teaching job, where she could have come to our Wednesday guild meetings... she figures she will teach full time for a year, and then go back to subbing... now isn't that a spinner after your own heart...I am enjoying my new JOY... it does have a burr on one of the hooks, and i have to find it, the wool won't feed in on that poor Traveller is getting in tough shape all the moving we will use the joy now for my travels...Larry has been busy building a wood splitter, just has to get the finishing touches on it... it looks good, we have so many bug killed trees, and we want to use them for firewood..guess i will have to help him when he gets it going... Gave Dixie a bath today, she was dirty, and is just starting to now she looks like she exploded... hair coming out every where...but she was really good, and only shook when she was all finished.. better get supper organized Dixie and i are off to agility tonite... hope she works better tonite....I should have taken a picture of her soaking wet... talk to ya soon.................. sheila

this is Dixie last summer.. with no coat....

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