Saturday, July 19, 2008

another day in the sunshine

Morning... just getting ready to head off to the Baillie house for their 100th birthday celebration...must remember to take my camera so you can see the house and the spinners.... Don't know if you have noticed but i have a thingy on the side of the blog near the bottom that tells me who (no names just the home town) has checked out the is amazing, Australia, England, Wales(probably my cousin, Hi June) and California just to name a few...if you are from one of these countries, please send me a message and introduce yourself if you like... i would love to know who reads these ramblings.. Yankee the African grey was muttering away this morning, and we couldn't figure out what he was trying to say... finally figured it out... Larry has been trying to teach him to say
"Good morning, World", this morning he was saying "muck World", he practices, and after a few days, he finally gets it... He loves those "ice wafer cookies", the strawberry ones, bought him some yesterday, he only gets one when he says "cookie please" he just about turned himself inside out, and upside down waiting for a cookie... better get the truck loaded have to be out of here in half an hour.....yes, i will remember the camera..... see ya

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