Thursday, July 31, 2008

where has summer gone

Hi... only 8 degrees here this morning, and we live in the warm part of the was cold enough last nite that we had to cuddle to keep warm..and i have my own personal summers most nites, but not last nite... even had to put a heater on this morning, it was very very cool in here this morning, our neighbour even had her wood heater on this morning..and it isn't the first of Aug yet... we picked our cherries last nite...about 24 of the little darlings... and they are very good... Larry and I ended up putting up a chain link fence in the sheep pen last nite... they have really eaten up the pasture field, so we decide to keep them in for a week or so... and of course they hate that, and keep coming up to the fence,and stick their heads thru and the dogs hate that, and try to grab them thru the fence,,, so now the sheep can't stick their heads thru and the dogs can't grab them... it is too high, so we have to cut it down, or Dixie will be getting hung up on she goes flying over it...i did notice that she hasn't been in there today... her and i are off to Agility of these days everything will click in her pea brain and she will do as i ask her... Jesse and i had a good class on Tuesday, but we are going to have to have private lesson to get her to get more confidence on the teeter .... she goes as far as the middle (where it tips) and then she stops and wait for it to tip, and the idea is that she should ride it to the bottom at the end.... I am off to Langley on Tuesday, have Dr appt, nothing serious, but something that can't be handled up here...will be gone a couple of days... hate to leave Larry alone to do chores and stuff...we are hoping to get away in September, over to the Island, which he loves, and a visit with Toni and Rob...the guys haven't met yet, so we hope they like each other... Rob is a lawyer , a logger, and a rancher, and Larry has been a logger and a rancher, so here's hoping they can find something to talk about...

this is the lovely pewter cat that Dawn in Pennsylvania sent me, she was one of my herd of Cats... what a sweetie she is... i am going to put it on my new Joy bag, so that i will think of her every time i use it...better go and get the Chili started for supper... cold enough for chili, i am surprised we don't have snow.... take care S

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