Monday, August 4, 2008


150 Years... what a history BC has... i am very glad my parents moved here when i was in my teens.. Dad had been in the army and he retired when i was about 15, they talked about staying in Manitoba, my brother and i had a fit, we had visited our Great Aunt in Burnaby and we really like BC and were really delight to move here... we have been in the Interior almost all of our 40 years of marriage, and love it here..Larry would like to have a summer place on the island... he wants to own a boat, but i have to win a big Lotto before we can do that..I had a dream that i won the 36 million, but no luck...will keep trying... The number 2 son was up for the weekend... he was teasing the bird this morning, and Yankee told him to "Smarten up"... we almost peed ourself we were laughing so hard..Matt was trying to teach him to say "i don't want to live with Matt" and "Glenys, take me home" (she is my friend who loves the bird)... neither one of the boys want him...guess i will have to find someone to take him when we get old...We had a nice dinner out with friends on Saturday nite, fresh Crab... oh my it was so good...then Sunday nite, we had a family dinner, both sons and one daughter in law...and one grand dog... we had bar b qued good with homemade Bar-b-que sauce..
I am off to Langley tomorrow for a few days, haven't spent much time with Mom since Larry broke his leg, i will start going down more often.. I am really lucky that she has 3 friends that keep her active..they were off to a pancake breakfast at the Otter Co op with morning...if it wasn't for Ham, Grace and Doddie, she wouldn't be as active as she is... she does go out on her own, but just to do shopping. I will try to keep in touch while i am at the coast...just taking knitting and a book, as i will only be there 2 and a bit days..... see ya

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