Sunday, August 10, 2008

glad to be home

Hi... what a fast trip to the coast... left here Tuesday morning and had a crappy trip... from Bridal Falls to Annis road, it was bumper to bumper and took me almost an hour... so i was over an hour late getting to Mom's. Then off to Dr appt on Wednesday, right down to Burrard and Davies... what a trip especially when there is so much traffic... and the stopping and starting, especially seeing there is only 6 traffic lights in Merritt.. then youngest son Matt came over for supper so we went out for Chinese... went to Wong's on Fraser Hwy in downtown Langley very close to the Casino, so we had to stop there for an hour... had a good time, got to spend some $$ from Grandma...then on Thursday, we did a bit of shopping and out for lunch, went to "Milestones" and was very disappointed, they have changed their menu, they took away the pizzas and really raised their prices... i loved their half pizza and salad, so had their Spinach and artichoke dip instead, and it was terrible, not hot at all...that will be the last time i eat there... then we went looking for blueberries for a couple of friends here in town, and found a great place, price was a bit high, but the berries were HUGE...but they were happy with them...

I was glad to get home, i hate all the traffic down there, and no one signals when they turn... I did pretty good in Vancouver only had one bus blow it's horn at me... I have been knitting on a Sivia Harding stole, it has 40+ rows to the pattern, easy enough pattern, but i sure don't like doing so many rows, can't memorize the pattern with that many rows... and i have to count every pattern row, cuz i sometimes miss a yarn over... I went out and picked an ice bucket of Oregon grapes, going to make some jelly, but i need some apple juice for it, so will have to wait till i go to town next red and black currant jelly to make too...i love the red...well i had better go get something done around here... have been watching the Olympics... want to watch the rest of the 3 day eventing,(horses)...see ya soon............... sheila

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