Monday, August 11, 2008

Hard to believe we are almost in the middle of August, where did the summer was really cold here yesterday, Larry started the fire last nite, it was very cool here this morning, but the fire did help... Had a spinner friend come over and pick the last of the currants... they pick over 2 ice cream buckets, so that is a total of 6 ice cream buckets of the black and one of the red... and they were huge, like blueberries in size...i had to see fruit go to waste, a friend has a crab apple tree that is just loaded, also a pear tree, last year we made pear/ginger jam and it was really good, Mom really likes it, so will make her a batch as soon as the pears start to fall... you have to use green pears... the other one i really like was a apple/orange marmalade... very mild and it did set well.. I have to start on the currant jelly on Wednesday, i need to buy some more sugar and certo tomorrow...Jesse and i are off to agility tomorrow, we missed last week as i was away... she will be bouncing off the walls by the time we get there... she loves it so much...and Dixie, well Dixie is a 'free spirit", I read an article in the "clear run" magazine that agility types read, that you have to accept what you have, and enjoy what you do together, and not to get too upset, my instructor says that if anything, Dixie will make me a good handler, as i have to be on my toes with her all the time... i am going to take extra lessons with Jesse, as she is very slow on the teeter..and we will never qualify if she doesn't get more comfortable on it.... time for a shower.... talk to ya soon sheila

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