Friday, December 26, 2008

quiet at last

What a day... was up early Christmas morning getting the stuffing ready for the bird..23 lb bird, we haven't had one that big for years and years...since the boys lived at home... so it takes 7.5 hours to cook... i always check the cooking time on the bag the bird comes in... they said a stuffed bird took 4.5 325 degrees...i always figured 20 minutes a pound... sure glad i went with my own time... cuz it was cooked perfectly..and a beautiful moist bird.. 9 of us for supper, crowded but fun...We had a nice day... Matt came home from his brothers to open gifts around 8:30, I made "granny's scones", real old family recipe.. we had a good laugh... I had bought one of those video games for Mom Nintendo DS...hand held game with the Brain Age games...and my sister in law also bought her one...and Matt bought me one... so we had 3 of them... I had charged Mom's so she could use it right away...and in the end, my DIL bought the 3rd one...we will all be really smart now...first time i tried it, my brain age was 80.. now it is 41..

We had 3 dogs in the house last night..Matt's Kayda, Joe's Jesse, and Glenys' Ben... all little dogs thank goodness... at least we could throw them outside while we ate supper...
I dropped a Brussels sprout on the floor yesterday... and her highness 'Kayda' grabbed it...and as you can see tried to eat it... all over the rug... luck for us, the rug is really old don't ya love the ear.. one up and one down..

This is another one of Larry's winter projects... He cut out the sleigh and horses on his scroll saw, and then made the oval background... we have a freind who does decorative painting, so she painted the background, and the sleigh (by hand- very trying job, next time Larry will spray paint it) doesn't it look great..anyway Clara gave it to my Mom for Christmas..she was very proud of it... I think it would make a great house number sign..he has 3 more to finish and paint.. but Clara is away for 2 weeks..

We really enjoyed all the company, but we are really enjoying the quiet...guess we are becoming hermits in our old age... weather has warmed up a bit... hope it lasts...Mom just called, Matt took her home..the roads were good until they got to Langley, at least 12 inches of snow... and we only have 6 inches here...and the temperature has gone up...only -10 now...but there is a wind... better get back to my knitting... have a great quiet day...

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