Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year 2009... so hard to believe, seems like it was just yesterday that they were saying the world was going to CRASH in 2000...guess they were wrong... We got up to 6 more inches of snow... makes about a total of 12 inches now..we went out to a New Years Eve brunch..made some carmel corn... for breakfast... you bet ya... anyway we had a Hawaiian Surfers Breakfast... can't remember the Hawaiian name for it... but apparently this is what the local surfers eat just before they head out on the surf....scoop of rice, a meat pattie(ours was turkey), a fried egg, and brown sauce(gravey type)... sounds weird but actually is was friend is a Chinese she makes all kinds of hawaiin dishes... apparently one of the staples for the locals is SPAM... rice rolls with spam... We are having friends over for supper and cards...a good sirloin roast, mashed garlic spuds, yorkshires,brussel sprouts, and peas and carrot ts... and a googy chocolate dessert with ice cream and raspberry sauce.. sounds good eh...
I got a new flyer for my Joy, and sent off the old one, but got it back in the mail yesterday, can ya imagine they changed their address, but sent me an invoice with the old address on it... I did get the new address from Marg, but i guess i was too lazy to go look for her email with the address on, but i figured that the invoice would have the correct address on it... wonder how good their business is... anyway the new one works great... have been knitting a shawl for a friend, and just started a pair of fingerless gloves for a guild project, we are going to have a small show in the art gallery in we have to keep the guild producing... so we have some thing to show...Have a great New Year...hugs

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Louisa said...

Happy New Year to you and Larry! Tell him I love all the scroll-sawed decorations, especially the stained glass window one. You definitely need to sell some of the extras. How about sheep, llamas and other fibre animals to sell at the spinning retreats? Lots of options there.

Big hugs from snowy (argh! again!) Vancouver.