Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4-09

Days are flying by already, where does the time go... It was agility day yesterday..and it was-18 when i got up... I am just getting too old for cold weather... an hour and a half is okay, but 3 hours is too much running two dogs, so i decided to leave Dixie at home and and just take Jesse... it was a beautiful day, with lots of sunshine and beautiful blue sky...but the temperature was -17 all day...and it was really cold in the arena, i am very glad i only took one dog.. Jesse did really of our team members just found out she is pregnant (invetro).. we were very pleased for her... so her hubby ran her dog... he is RCMP and a big guy who has never run agility before, but he did a really good job with her..and i think he enjoyed it..he gave us a good laugh..

We haven't had so much sunshine in years.. usually the weather is warmer and we have lots of clouds..but i am really enjoying the sun, but not the cold... We played cards again last night, Glenys decided we were going to have oysters for supper...and they were very good, very mild... i don't like strong tasting ones... I hope to be able to pick up some nice fresh ones while i am on the island in Feb... spinning retreat at Cowichan Lake... that is if we can get in thru all the snow..I am hoping that Larry will come with me...he hasn't met Toni's hubby, but they should get alone, as he is a logger and a farmer...both occupations that Larry has done over the years

Dixie just found her ball in the snow, but as you can see it is on the other side of the gate...and in the next picture she is trying to get it thru the gate, but it doesn't fit

...she does really work at it, but i finally gave in and got it for her... she is a very smart dog... There is a one day agility trial in March and i am temped to put her in it just to see how she would do... the prices of our classes have gone up, and i am not sure i can afford to run two dogs... so this would be the final decision... if she runs poorly i will quit taking her to classes, and just take Jesse... either that or i win a couple of million bucks...

take care and have a good day....

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