Friday, January 9, 2009

actually the date is January 13-09

Finally got my inheritance from my Step granmother...she died Jan 23-08.. and thought she was doing the right thing by using a Notary... they charged us a fortune and it took almost a whole year... Mom has decided she will just let my brother and I deal with her estate... if we don't kill each other first...he is the type who will say black is white just for the argument.. Anyway, i decided that Larry and I need a new bed, our Christmas present to each other.. so we went to the "Brick" as they had good beds on sale... i wanted a head and foot board, but we ended up buying a whole bedroom has been 41 years since we last had a new bedroom suite... it is a nice suite, pine, with a vanity, chest and two bedside tables and a sleigh bed... now we have to figure out were to put it so it all fits... our room on has two walls where the bed can we will have to play around with setting it up..they charged us $100 for delivery, and are making 3 deliveries, with no extra charge... go figure

We went to Kamloops to buy the bed, in a snow storm, and decided to go out for lunch..went to Tony Roma's and spent 20 minutes waiting for someone to wait on us, so we got mad and left, went to the White Spot, and had our drinks within 2 minutes of sitting of course i emailed Tony Roma's and am waiting to hear what they say.... I complained about "Milestones" after a very bad lunch and they sent me a twenty five dollar complimentary meal ticket...and when i used it, meal was just as bad again... so that is the last time i will eat there...

I had to return a Christmas present too... my girlfriend and hubby bought us a set of stainless steel cutlery expensive set...but after two washings there were rust spots on it... so i took it back, and the witch at the till tried to convince that it was my dishwasher, if i had been on the ball i would have told her that i didn't have a dishwasher...i have used my dishwasher for years and never had rust on my cutlery...anyway i found another set double the price on sale for 15 dollars more... a very nice set... it is so nice to have a set that all matches...I also got a good buy on some sheets... paid $59 for a set worth $139... don't ya love good buys..

Joe and Kelly and dropped Jesse off for Agility last Friday... our instructor as raised her prices, so it makes it very expensive...especially running two dogs... so i have decided to run the two dogs until March, and then i will put Dixie in the March trial, and see how she does, and if she does poorly, i will take her out, and if she does good, i will run Jesse one month and Dixie the next month..... The weather warmed up nicely, so we were much warmer... Dixie's class was so very slow... the others in the class are all very new, and took up much of the hour... I had 4 runs in the hour, and each run was no longer than a minute... works out to 4 bucks a minute... a little expensive..the more i think about it the more i think i will drop Dixie after this month...i am not happy and i like to be happy... Jesse's class is more advanced, and we had about 8 runs each..

Went into town to day..just down the road there was a flag person, they were cutting down some trees along the road.. of course they were the bug killed ones..Dept of Hwys was cutting them make the road safe... boy when i came home it looked like a bomb had gone off...i used to love that part of the road... pine trees on every side, the sun shine shining thru and the smell of the pine and the coolness of the air brought tears to my eyes... we are hoping that the cold weather which hit after an extended warm spell killed the bugs before they made their antifreeze..but we won't know till spring..
Guild meeting tomorrow.. going to meet at a local book store, the room we have been using is a nice bright room, but they haven't been keeping it clean... i am sure the floor hadn't been washed since September... so we are trying to find some where else... we are non profit, and don't have a lot of $$, so i will keep looking till we can find something else... or just drop the guild, and i don't really want to do that...take care nite nite

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