Monday, April 20, 2009

Desert Mesa Spring 2009

Another great retreat under our belts…Toni and Isabel came up a day early and spent the night with us…they finally got to met Larry, who they were sure did not really exist…and of course Toni, who is a real dog lover, fell in love with DIXIE… and of course Dixie fell in love with Toni..but then Dixie likes anyone who pays attention to her… We had Ben staying with us for the week, so he got lots of attention and slept with Toni that night…we had a great visit..headed off to the retreat early so had a few hours to waste when we got there..stopped at Coyote corners, and the Jade Shop…didn’t buy much..but love to look…Everyone showed up nice and early so we had a great visit..Jan from AB was a little late, so we were very glad when she finally showed up..i always worry when someone is late…was finally able to give Lynn her shawl..she was very pleasantly surprised, and pleased… lynnes_shawl IMG_0004 this is Bev modeling the shawl at our last guild meeting, it was alpaca and merino.. and very soft and cozy…IMG_0003 this is a more detailed picture of the little bit of lace… i had to use stitch markers as you start from the top and work down… so of course when you get to the pattern row, you are working with 163 stitches on each side of the centre panel.. the first couple of tries i ended up with the wrong amount of stitches left over… thanks to the wonder of stitch markers i finally got it right…IMG_0003 This is Isabel and her friend Helen from Hazelton..IMG_0009 Beth Johnson reading her gift from the gift exchange… Beth has moved into the interior, and we are so pleased that she loves it here..IMG_0008 Trixie, Heather and Mary, the goofy girls from Vernon..always worth a good laugh when we get together..IMG_0006 This one is Diane, Rosalie, Julia, and Gudie..hard at work..IMG_0007 Renata and Sue concentrating very hard..

We really enjoy our weekend together… I had a real ah haw moment this weekend… I was raised as an “Army Brat”, (dad was in the service), so I don’t have any childhood friends, we all went different directions, as our dads were transferred..I only have one friend left from Highschool and she was my bridemaid..and of course we have gone our separate ways… but i decided this weekend, that my spinning friends have taken the place of my missing childhood friends… and i love seeing them.. it is like old home week when we get together… lots of hugs and plenty of laughs and giggles..

We were all out of there by 1:30, and i was home by 3… i was really tired, but managed to stay awake till bedtime, and by then the wind was really blowing and i couldn’t get to sleep, must have been after midnight before i finally got to sleep..and the wind is really blowing again today, Dixie hates the wind, and spends most of her time in the shop..Jackson barked a lot last night, i think cuz the gate was rattling in the laundry caught up today, so will go swimming tomorrow… it was great to see ya all………… hugs

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Louisa said...

Looks like you all had such a great time! That shawl for Lynne is spectacular. No wonder she's so thrilled with it. That was such a lovely gesture!

Sharon in Surrey said...

Wooo Hoooo . . . had a good time but I think Gudie had the best time of any of us in her Zipper vest, wild mustache & dreadlock hat!!!! Guess I'll just have to come back NEXT spring!!! I wonder if Lynne wore her shawl to bed???