Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where has the time gone

Hi, where has the last two weeks gone.. I have been busy, but didn’t accomplish much..trying to remember what happened of importance..lots of lovely emails regarding the Spring Retreat… it is so easy to organize as everyone is so much fun… and understands when we ask for something a little difficult… the room we meet in has a hard twist nylon rug, and the fiber glues itself to the floor, so we asked everyone to bring something to put under their wheels,..and almost everyone does… the first year, someone picked up their covering and shook it on to the floor…i just shook my head… this year only one person won’t put anything under her wheel… and it did leave a mess…oh well….

Good news… we got another dog.. i know the last thing i need is another dog… well i took Dixie to an agility class, hoping to be able to take her to an agility trial the end of May.. one class at one trial.., but she showed absolutely no interest, and she had been away from it for 2 months… so she is OFFICALLY RETIRED..several friends had mentioned that a young couple(druggies) had a nice 18 month old Australian Cattle Dog, also know as a Heeler to give away…i had thought about it a lot, as i was also looking at a rescue pup in Prince George..Denise and I went and looked at the Red Heeler, and i decided to give it a weekend try… so i picked him up last Saturday… his name is Levi… my biggest concern was that he and Jackson won’t get along, but i introduced them thru the crate, and then got Larry to hold Jackson on the leash while i held Levi..and they sniffed all the right parts, so we kept Levi on a long line for the weekend, I went to town on Monday and when i got home, Larry had let Levi off the long line, and he was running and playing with Dixie and Jackson..they really get along great… although Dixie tries her darnest to get him into trouble… she has shown him how to get into the sheep pen, and they get carried away… so now only one at a time are allowed loose…I do have a picture of him on my camera that i haven’t down loaded yet…we will start agility beginners classes beginning of June… I have been putting him over jumps and thru the weave poles.. he has the most god awful bark i have ever heard… Heelers originally were a cross between a dingo and a border collie, and he has the dingo bark… we have to make sure he doesn’t use it often.. 

We (Larry and I) also gave Jackson a hair cut, as our groomer moved to Kelowna, and we did a pretty fair job..i have pictures of him too, it took us 2 days to get him finished.  I finally went out and finished the pictures of poor Jackson and some of Levi and just downloaded them…IMG_0002 Jackson before his hair cutIMG_0003 Jackson with half a hair cut…he got tiredIMG_0002_2 Jackson after his hair cut…IMG_0004_1 this is Levi with Denise before we brought him homeIMG_0002_1 Levi looking prettyIMG_0012 Dixie and Levi snugglingIMG_0004_2 this is the 3 of them chewing on each other… the building in the back ground is my new chicken house… Larry has to get it finished by June 11… our 50 meat birds, 25 laying hens and 10 turkeys are arriving that day…IMG_0003_2 he is working on it all by himself…it is going to be a pretty fancy chicken house…he is a very talented man that man of mine…see ya soon…

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Geeze . . . I wonder if the new dog likes chicken . . . that's a LOT of chicken to can! Nice looking dog, he'll have a much better life with you.