Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Week

HI… well i am a whole year older this week…Sunday the 7th… nothing special just another agility trial in Kamloops, in a Baseball park on the way up to Sun Peaks, or as the locals still call it TOD Mountain… we lived in the area many many years ago, and i find it very difficult to call it Sun Peaks..Denise and I left a bit later than normal as she had company, we arrived about 5 pm…found a level spot for the Van…got our things moved over to the rings..had supper and then had to run the “cash Steeple chase”..we didn’t do anything.. although our instructor won $85 with her poodle..Our agility group did really well… Jesse and I did get another “Q”… time is always a problem for us…she didn’t have much speed this time around…Denise made me a birthday cake, and we shared it with the others…

Chicks come tomorrow…IMG_0002_1 I can’t believe the chicken house is all finishedIMG_0004 this is the side for the meat birds and the laying hens and this is the side for the turkeysIMG_0005 it is so nice and clean, won’t be long until it is a poopy smelly mess, and the cute little chicks are the “BIRDS FROM HELL”  .. Lynne is coming thru tomorrow, so we are going to have brunch.. she picked up my bobbins for the Woolee winder for my Joy..i can hardly wait to use it all the time… i only got one bobbin when i bought it second hand..and the shaft is too long, so not sure if Larry can fix it or if i will just make do with some shims..IMG_0001_3 Levis is doing good… I finally figured out why he had so many homes, (we figure we must be the 4th or 5th one)… he FARTS…he sleeps in the house in our room, and the farts bring you out of a sound sleep… he also started messing in the house… so i decided to change his food, so i bought some very expensive food… 70% meat and 30% fruit and veggies… and boy does it work better… he did fart again the other night, but he had gotten into Dixie’s dinner… so now we have to pick up the food that they don’t eat..I think the grain in normal dog food is hard on his stomach…We are doing well at the beginners agility classes Monday nites… the first two classes, he just vibrated.. he was leaning against my leg, and i could feel him vibrate..this past Monday, he relaxed, didn’t vibrate, and laid down and just watched the other dogs..he does well over the jumps and A frame and the dog walk, the tunnels are a little tough as he wants to walk on them… Australian cattle dogs jump on the sheep's back to get across them to the other side to turn i think that is why he does it.. he is starting to get himself into a bit of trouble around here.. but i try to make him listen..he wants to work the cats, but we try to keep him away from them… He is really fast over the dog walk… i just have to keep him under control…

Larry went into town to get the windshield of the Jimmy replaced… it was so pitted, and had two bad cracks in will be so nice to be able to see out of it… only a 100 bucks deductable..we deal with CDI.. 

The Fall Desert Mesa is completely booked..was the end of May, and we had only sent out the invites the beginning of May… makes us feel good that it is so popular…the guild is having our International Knit in Public Day on June the 20th… we took the later date to make sure the weather might be a bit warmer..we are going to Bailee House… and will knit under the Elm in the yard… I haven't done much knitting lately, i have to get this stole finished, as i have two more to get done by Christmas…  well, my dear friends i hope i haven't’ repeated myself too much..old age ya know…  hugs 

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