Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guess i should

guess i should read my last blog before i start a new one… but then i did turn a year old this week..CRS….(can’t remember sh#t)

is the disease of 62 year olds..

@#$% sheep won’t come in last night, so we just left them out and hoped the coyotes were away… early this morning 5 am, they started yapping.. Levi goes galloping down the hall to see if he could see anything..nothing of course, we were just laying there listening to the coyote and Levi jumps on to the look out the window.. Got a phone call from Lynn who is on her way home…she was kind enough to stop by, and we had a light breakfast at ‘Timmies’..and a short visit…it was great to see her again..

Went to pick up the chicks at lunch… 4 dead turkeys in the box.. so i flew home and gave them all a big drink of water..the lady in front of me in the feed store had at at least 10 dead turkeys and some chicks too.. chicks are sure a lot tougher than the turkeys…pictures tomorrow… i am really tired to day… think i will need a nap…. hugs

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Louisa said...

Happy belated birthday, Sheila! Sorry to hear about the baby birds you lost. It's been so warm that extra water is a must for everything! Hope the rest of them do well for you. Lovely chicken house anyway!