Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wild windy Day

Finally got the garden all i said Larry replaced the soil in the boxes..he did most of the planting, and isn’t really into planting… planted most things too deep… no sign of carrots, or lettuce… so i replanted them today… he wanted turnips, and lots of beets, so finished them off too… i also planted some bush sweet peas, which i just love…  makes me laugh when i look at the garden, for all the years he worked and i planted the garden, we never had a fences around the garden to keep the dogs out… first box he planted and the dogs ran thru, he put up a fence.. e-Guess who this is-Mardi Gras in June-09-MerrittThis is my buddy Clara..(card buddy), she is all dolled up for the Relay for Life last weekend..e-Charming Mardi Gras smile in Merritt-June 14-09 here you can really see her great smile and laughing eyes.. believe it or not she is the manager of a local bank..we have so many good giggles together…

I had to go back and correct one of my blogs, Mom read it and she tells me that i am not 63, but 62, i know that, so i guess it was a slip of the fingers.. I talk to  Mom every morning, she is 83, and we started talking about 6 years ago when my Dad started to deteriorate..(he had Lewy bodies dementia), i would call her to make sure she was okay, she gets really bad migraines and i wanted to make sure she was well enough..She had both my boys there yesterday, Joe decided to go visit, and Matt was home with the flu so he came over too, so they all went out for supper and then a visit with the cousins… my poor boys have a total of 3 cousins (both sides of the family), and two of them are called Kerry, (Kerri-Ann)..They all  had a good visit, and Joe headed home around noon..

There is an agility trial in Cloverdale in August, and i haven’t been down to visit Mom for ages, so thought i would go down and take them to the trial, i won’t take the dog, but just Mom and her friend Ham and Matt, so i can explain to them how it works, and they can have a good laugh..somebody always screws up.. and we all laugh..anyone else who would like to met me there, i would love to see ya all…  take care and will write soon

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