Thursday, June 25, 2009


Did ya hear the purple birthday shawl hit the corner as i winged it off my lap… I have had it… i have been working steadily on the shawl for months..and for some reason the last week i keep making MISTAKES…damn yarn overs..can’t even knit a pattern row without making a MISTAKE… i decided to leave it in the corner and knit something easier… am knitting a very plain triangle shawl for my buddy who lives in the BUSH near Bowron electricity, or running water… simple alpaca… and the guild has a challenge… a cowl.. for the Display that we are putting in the Art Gallery in October.. I wanted to make it out of some silk that i had Navajo have to ball it up and get started and give the purple monster a holiday…

the next day… never did get this finished yesterday… new meds i am on, make me tired the day after i take it…but they are making me feel better…got the cowl started, yarn isn’t great, as i was learning to Navajo ply..but i do like the colours… and will just have enough to make the cowl..

Jesse (grand dog) and i are off to another agility trial on Friday, we are going to Lavington..near Lumby, near Vernon…it is suppose to be the best trial all summer, and the weather looks like it will be good, not too hot, and no rain…they even have a huge pot luck supper on Saturday nite..hopefully we will get our Starters title this weekend.. took Levi to agility on Monday night and he is doing well, doesn’t like the tunnel too much… he goes in, turns around and lays down and looks at me…so we borrowed a squeaky toy, and he comes flying out of the tunnel looking for the toy…I think he will be good when he settles down and listens to me, which he does do, but he wants to play with the other dogs…it is a good class as all the dogs are the same height (which means they jump the same height) so we don’t have to change jump heights after every dog..and all the handlers have trained a dog before, so we can move along pretty fast..we have one more one day trial in Kelowna later on in July, and then none until September…there is a trial in Cloverdale in Aug, i am going to come down and take Mom and her buddy and youngest son Matt (if he can get the day off), to the trial and explain it to them… should be good for a laugh..i am sure i mentioned this before… anyone of my spinning buddies who would like to come too, are more than welcome..

better go, i am making ‘Caramel Corn’ to take with us tomorrow…and trying to everything organized for Larry… we had radishes and green onions out of his garden yesterday… carrots are finally up… we must have 12 rows of beets, he is determined that we will have pickled beets.. see ya soon………. hugs  Sheila and JesseIMG_0008


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