Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Copy (1) of jesse 2

This is ‘JESSE’  ADC  (agility dog of Canada) we finally Qualified in 3 legs of our Starters Standard… so now we move up to Advanced.., we have two more legs in games, Snooker, which i am not good at.. and then we have our Starter Games title..We went to Lavington, near Vernon, a truly lovely park.. huge Maple trees, and lots of green grass..we parked in a far corner under the Maples.. there were 6 RV vehicles of us camping out there..we had a good time.. spent Friday evening visiting, and then we all had a great day on Saturday, and the Dog O Pog O Agility group(organizers) had a pot luck supper on Saturday nite… we didn’t stay long, as none of us slept well on Friday nite, we never do the first night away..the weather was great, and we all did well…

We have had some sad news, oldest son and his wife are separating..they have been together 8 years, 5 married… a real disappointment..but it is their life… mind you he has phoned me every day since he made the decision, he must need someone to talk to… Youngest son Matt is coming up for supper tonight…3 hour drive for supper, can ya imagine… he is bring his cousin Kerri Ann for the drive..had hoped for a quiet day today… but it will be good to see them both..

Chicks and turkey poults are doing fine… growing like weeds, we will move them on Friday as Larry is away tomorrow… that means i have a whole day BY MYSELF… whoopee…not sure what i will do… just stay home and spin, knit and spin some more…better go and get living room vacuumed and the bath room cleaned up….talk to ya soon…….. Sheila

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spinquilt said...

That's too bad about your son and his wife. It is very hard for the whole family when divorce happens. Take care
Big Hugs Karen