Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Indian Summer

What a  beautiful day, today and yesterday…over 30 degrees every day… and cools off at night…

Nothing to interesting around here… slowly harvesting the garden… did some beets, didn’t get many jars, but i had bought 10 pounds when i was at the coast…have one more small batch to harvest.. lots of baby carrots… i don’t normally like carrots, do not like them cooked… but don’t mind them raw…or in carrot cake, or carrot marmalade..but i do love baby carrots, raw or cooked… we are leaving the spuds till they set their skins..hopefully they won’t be as mushy.. 

Took Levi to agility last night… just love my class now as i am getting semi private lessons…. everyone who started with me has quit… one girl moved to another night, so when i showed up last night… just me and the instructor Maureen, and her hubby Rob… Rob has been a armchair instructor for years, he could point out our mistakes, but he didn't run a dog.. , they got back one of their standard poodle pups, and she is going to be Rob’s dog… so he was running with me last night with one of Maureen's trained dogs, as he needs the skills, and i have the skills, but not the trained dog…although Levi did really well last night… but boy is he stubborn… he wanted to do the Teeter, and i wanted him to do the tunnel..so we worked on it until he finally figured out to do it my way…at least 7 tries before he finally listened to me… he seems to enjoy it… and he is very fast… so that means i have to get faster too… so maybe i will start walking with him…walk 15 steps and run 15 steps..until we are running… eh right… will give it a try..IMG_0012 Dixie, the

un-agility dog, and Levi..he is feeling so much better, when we got him, his nose was very rough,and dry, not wet or shinny, the same with his feet, his feet were so rough that when he put a foot on you it caught on my clothes, even my blue jeans… his nose is almost all nice and smooth and wet, with just one little corner rough, and his feet are nice and smooth too, we changed his dog food, as i figured he had allergies to grains… his stomach gas has smartened up too..he has settled down, and doesn’t follow us everywhere now… we are both pleased with him…well better go and get supper started, Joe the oldest child is coming for supper, and we are trying bar b qued roast and veggies again… hopefully i won’t cut myself this time…take care…. sheila

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