Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hello… I’m back…sure don’t know where the time has gone… sorry i have been away so long…been busy… the Guild has set up a display at the Court House Gallery.. for the month of October..IMG_0002 This is what it looked like before we started… the girl in the picture is the Gallery Manager Kathi, and if you look really close you can see her little parrot on her shoulder…”Zoe”  cute little bird..IMG_0004 this is us.. me, Caroline, Andrea. Annie and Sheila S before we startedIMG_0008 This is Caroline working on a display… Annie was a floral designer, so she has the “FLARE” that we needed.. took us about 3 hours, and we were really plelased with the result..IMG_0010 Annie brought this lovely walking wheel, which i would love to own if i had room for it… she said i could have it…now i just need to get a house.. IMG_0012 This is all my stuff.. kind of hard to show off shawls..IMG_0015 IMG_0018 This is one of Andrea’s woven shawls and a knit shawl by AnnieIMG_0019 All the gloves hanging in the box are a guild project… fingerless gloves..and a few pair of socksIMG_0023 This is a picture of my “wee peggy” (the one on the right, and one of Annie’s old wheels..IMG_0022 This is my girlfriends shawl that i gave her on her 60th.. the one i forgot… i knew i had given it to her, but forgot what it looked likeIMG_0024 This is baskets of skeins for sale..IMG_0029 This is the room when we were finished… we were very pleased with it..I hope we decided to do it again next year..  okay i have put enough pictures in, so i will write about Desert Mesa next time around… guild meeting tomorrow…

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