Monday, September 28, 2009


Boy, it was chilly this morning.. i slept in, and at 8 am, it was 1 degree… so imagine how cold it was earlier… just couldn’t stay awake this morning..i don’t sleep-in very often, so it was nice for a change..

Larry and i went to a “Garlic Festival” yesterday… they had an old tractor parade, and several of the hit mad miss motors that he likes, I had bought my garlic a couple of weeks ago, so i really didn’t need any… they also had some garlic mustard that i would like to have bought but they sold out the first hour…i did taste it and it was nice… will ask her if she will make some more this winter… they were also selling garlic powder, but i thought it was a bit expensive… about $12 for about 4 oz… i like fresh garlic… 

Then we went out for supper… and cards, and we got our butts kicked, and of course the guys won’t let us forget it… only the four of us this weekend, Clara is in PEI, and her hubby Steve is in Fort St John hunting with his boys…we are having thanksgiving here, deep frying one of our turkeys..

Cleaned out a bit of the garden this morning… the beans, zucchini, lettuce, and a few weeds…gave them all to the chickens… the new hens sure have tamed down, when they were in their original pen, they were really flighty, i would walk into the pen and they would hide in the back corner, but when i put them into the new chicken house with the 5 old hens, they calmed right down, one even came up to me for a treat… no eggs yet, it will be a couple months yet as they are only 3 months old.. we will get the meat birds and turkeys earlier next year..and be all done by end of June..

I get the whole day by myself tomorrow..Larry and Joe are off to Alexis Creek, a friend of our lives up there, and she has a part of one of Larry’s motors as a flower pot, and she said he could have it… it is the only  part left that he needs… a nice quiet day and then Agility with Levi at 5, and i just might stop and get myself some Chinese take away… they have the very best Ginger beef..  not quite sure what i will do tomorrow, clean up a bit, and then sit and spin for a while, then knit and then read… I am reading ‘The kite flyer’, very interesting, and then i plan on reading his next book, about the women in Afghanistan..what a strange country…

Retreat time is getting closer… i can hardly wait… talk to ya soon……IMG_0004this is willy… getting very old, he is at least 18 years old..

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