Monday, November 23, 2009

Almost December

Morning, sure don’t know the time flies these days, i had a good week, Guild meeting on Wednesday, with a new young spinner… she caught right on… now we have to find a wheel for her to use… i have my old Ashford, so will dig it out of moth balls, tune it up, oil it up and get it delivered..  Finished spinning up the Quivit i got for my gift at the retreat, 2.2 oz, 63 grams, and i got 400 plied yards, just enough to make something..i love the quivit, but i don’t like the colour, so i dyed it yesterday “cranberry”,  don’t know what happened to that sentence… silly computer does its own thing sometimes..  It has been acting up since Larry started using it… thank goodness he (we) have figured out how to use it… he is getting much better at navigating himself around.. he has figured out ebay and several sites he checks out every day… He almost has his “old tin” engine finished..just two pieces left to come..i will take a couple of pictures of it… he has done a nice job, i won’t tell him that though..

Had friends over for cards on Saturday, only one couple, instead of 2.. so we played a new game, Canasta, but a different variety..”Hand and Foot”… the guys whined when we decided to play it, but they did like it by the time we were finished..a lot more thinking with this one..a lot higher points… but a bit more was fun… girls won both games…we used to play it years ago, again it was different, i find with canasta everyone has their own rules…

Levis and i had an okay time at Agility on Saturday, he loves to be with me, but he isn’t that excited about going over jumps… he loves the teeter, the A frame and the dog walk, and is fast on all of them… the instructor was standing the middle of the run, and he just quit.. that is not good, as when we run in a trial there are volunteers sitting around the edge of the arena..I was thinking of putting him in a trial the middle of December, but i don’t think he is ready i guess i will wait till spring..and try to get him more excited running the course… i would love to be able to “Q” Qualify, in every class i run first time around..Jesse and I took almost 18 months to get all our “Q”s, I haven’t seen her since September… and i really do miss her… but Levi keeps me busy keeping him out of trouble..I have been really surprised that he has been really quiet at the classes, he is usually very vocal when he can’t get to me, but he is the quiet one in the class, just sits and watches..  Weather has been good, had a bit of snow yesterday, but it was gone by 10 am..poor Lynne R is snowed in… Started knitting on my vest again… shoulder and arm have been aching so i thought i would take some time off knitting, but that didn’t work… still aching, guess i will have to go to the Dr to figure out what is wrong, although i am staying away from there with all this flu going around. 

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