Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sun,Rain, and Snow

In the last 30 minutes we have had sun, rain, and now it is snowing… Levi and i headed out for our walk, and the sun was shining and the breeze was warm, 5 minutes down the road it started raining, and by the time i got home, it was pouring, came in and dried my hair, and looked out the window and now it is snowing, and now it is raining…I walked across the field, and after 24 hours of rain, (which we never have) there wasn’t any water laying in the fields and the ground was firm not sloppy with rain…Spuis Creek is 10 times higher than it was a week ago, and very muddy…In the 30 + years we have lived in the area, we have never had so much rain in 24 hours… at least 3+ inches, can ya imagine how much snow that would be… 10 inches of snow to a inch of rain..but we sure needed the rain… spoke to Andrea this morning and it had snowed 3” up there, she is quite a bit higher than we are…

Donna and i are revamping the door prizes for the Spring retreat… it kind of got out of control at the Fall Retreat…everyone was very generous and brought all kinds of stuff for the door prize, enough so that everyone got a gift..think this spring we will have 2 or 3 baskets full of very nice gifts, and just raffle the 2 or 3 baskets off..and use the raffle $$ to purchase gifts for the next retreat…

Just looking out my bay window, before i headed for my walk, there was no snow on the small mountain to the south… now the rain and snow has stopped and the sun is coming out again… the top half of the mountain is covered in snow..

Larry replaced the bathroom taps yesterday, sure are nice… we will need a new sink soon.. we have been in this mobile for 20+ years and it was 10 years old when we got it… would love a new house, but we do have a roof over our heads and it is paid for…have to win a Lottery before i get a new house…

Played cards on Saturday nite, we played two great games, the Losers(the guys) won the first game and we(the Lovelies) won the second game…they both were real cutthroat games…but i love those kind… I won us the last game…i didn’t have high enough cards in my hand to meld, so was able to play all the small cards i had, except a lonely pair of 4’s and Dave was sure that all the 4’s had been played, but guess what, I had 2… won the pile and was able to make 3 red canastas worth 500 points each…. what a giggle..

think i am going to have to quit knitting for a while, my elbow has been acting up, only when i knit though… so will spin for a few nights..

Had oldest son Joe over for supper last night, he comes for supper as least once a week now that he and his spouse have split up…we had home grown chicken, now that the boys have left home, we finish the chickens off at about 3 to 4 pounds… with him here last night, there is hardly enough chicken left for supper tonight..so now i remind why we finished them at 7 to 8 lbs when they were at home…granny gasmask this is a picture of my Mom taken several Christmas ago at my brother’s place, why she is wearing a gas mask i have no idea, but thought you might like to met her, and see where i get my goofy ideas from00060018 This is what she looks like (one on the right) without the mask… this was taken in Whiterock right after she finished her chemo for breast cancer…don’t we look alike… the other is her friend Grace, who used to be a teacher in Pemberton..they live in the same mobile home park in Langley..  The SUN is shining again…. see ya soon……. sheila

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