Saturday, January 30, 2010

@#%& Dog

Anyone want a 4 year old Bouvier really CHEAP.... yesterday the yard gate was open and Jackson the Bouvier and Levi took off barking up the hill behind the property about 3 pm, no sign of them at 3:30, so i went looking for them, I got back at 4:15 and there was still no sign of them, Levi showed up at about 4:30, but no was so unlike him, he has gone walk-about before, but has always been home with in the hour... so Larry went looking for him today, and found him about 3kms from here, and he was in an absolute frenzy.. won't come to Larry and just won't settle down..Larry finally settled him down and put a leash on him... I saw Larry coming home and thought the worst as he had only been gone 20 minutes..but he had a very wet, tired, excited dog... right now he is laying in the living room dead to the world.. I had called the neighbours to see if they had seen him, and Peg told me that there had been a bob cat around, Jackson has a very good nose so maybe he was out chasing the cat, he has been frantic about the squirrels the last couple of days, and it is a full moon tonight... so i am sure all things combined he lost his mind, and forgot about coming home... it was so unlike him... but i am glad he is home

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