Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25-2010

Just where does the time go... the older i get the faster time goes... again it was a beautiful day, no sun, but nice and warm, we woke up to 1/2 inch of snow, just enough to freshen it up... and cover all the crud on the lawn... 5 dogs do make a mess...We had a great guild meeting last week..spinning, laughing and just plain chatting.. I am still spinning up some wonderful very fine Merino that i had bought from Andrea, it was 17 microns, it was sent to Canada in error, they usually save the very fine merino for their own use... I figured i almost had it finished when Andrea gave me the 100 grams she had saved for herself..what a sweet heart... I have put aside my Glacial Green jacket, as i am having a bit of a problem with reading the pattern, I think i have it figured, but i wrote to the author, i did hear back from her, but she didn't really answer my question... so i will wait another day or two before i pick it up again.. so i decided to spin up the merino from Andrea on my traveller... I have been spinning my orginal on my Joy, which i take to meetings..both being Ashford makes the spinning very similar..i do love to spin fine.. I got the pattern for Toni's birthday shawl... can't tell you what it is as she does read this just have to decide what fibre to use...  I have got a few more shawls planned as some of my friends are much younger than me... one in her late 40's and one in her early 50's, so i have decided that they won't have to wait for their 60th birthday.. as i will be too old to knit by then...
Yankee bird is doing well... he has learnt to say "Larry's a geezer"... just as clear as can be... did i tell you that Larry and one of our card buddies have major disagreements when we play cards... and their favorite gripe at each other is "a card laid is a card played"..well Glenys' hubby taught Yankee to say " A card laid is a card played, Glenys, ha ha ha"  and it is so funny as the laugh is Dave's newfie laugh... very deep and definitely Dave's laugh..
Agility started on Saturday with me about ready to retire.. really bad first run.. dog wasn't listening and i was in the wrong spot at the wrong time..i am the oldest one in the class, one is a teenager,(19), and the other two are in their 20's, and then there is me... ancient...with a beginner dog.... the only good thing is that i sort of know what i am doing... i have trained 2 other dogs, so i am not a beginner handler, just one with a bit more experience.  But Levi is getting better, we worked on some weave poles today, and he is getting faster, but we both slipped on some ice, so will have to wait till all the ice is gone.. Jackson has been chasing "Squirrels", have any of you seen the movie "UP"... and Doug the dog says "Squirrel" that is our dogs... Jackson stands up on the tree barking at them... and the squirrels just tease the dogs, they come down to 10 feet, and chatter at the dogs.. went to feed the birds today, and the squirrels have been getting to my birdseed, they leave me all kinds of things, just like a pack rat... this morning there were 'pine cone' clumps of dirt, pieces of plants, piece of plastic, and some stale pretzels that i had put out for them...and hunks of rope from the outside parrot cage..I know most people hate squirrels, but we don't, we find them fun to have around.. Yankee calls the one who lives here, "Squirrel Mackie"  we do have a dog called Mackie, but Yankee put the two words together on his own...well better go do some spinning........... S


Silky said...

I hate to ask you this but how old are you?? I will be 70 in a weeks time. I don't feel old until I look into a mirror. It snowed down here a little yesterday too. But today is mild. Take Care

Louisa said...

What kind of squirrels do you have up there? Douglas? Now they are cheeky and cute! I've got some nasty huge black ones you can have gratis. Grey ones too. (Same kind; different colourway.) I'd much rather have noisy little Douglas squirrels any old day. These imported ones are EVIL! They steal all my walnuts and hazelnuts plus the birdseed and suet. Cats are scared of them. Heck, I'm scared of them!