Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sheepless in Merritt

Very sad day for Larry and I, we are now SHEEPLESS... I have been pondering getting rid of the sheep..i have no ram, and hay is so expensive, so i decided it was time... I have had sheep for over 25 years, and it was time... I tried my friend Toni, and i was so positive she would take them as she has such a soft spot for critters... I guess i should have told her that i was going to butcher them all, i know that would have done it... so I tried my neighbour, who also has a soft spot for critters... she thought about it for a week, and her and her boys came over today, and they are all gone... Larry of course wanted to keep his favorites, but i said NO... they all have to go... so now we are down to one old Llama and 3 old alpacas... 5 (2 old) dogs, 2 old cats, 24 chickens, 7 turkeys(Royal Palms)(i found two eggs this morning)...and the now we might be able to take a few more trips without worring about having someone come in to stay.. we will travel when Joe is on his 4 days off, so there will be someone here... 
Levi and I had a good day at agility... he is improving every week... my agility buddy and i are thinking of coming down to Cloverdale for a trial the 9th of April... so if anyone is interested  in having a good giggle watching Levi and I making a fool of ourselves let me know and i will let you know what time .. I am too sad to write much... will give it a day or two before i get over letting them go.. 

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Anonymous said...

Just to make you feel better they are all fine. No one is lost, no crying it was like they had been here before. Oh I don't mean at the gate when teh escaped from your field:)Harry loves them really and truly very content. Actually it is kinda scary how well they have fit in. In a few weeks you will be thinking I should have done this sooner and in a few weeks I will be saying what the hell have I done now!!!thanks