Tuesday, March 23, 2010

things are better today

HI  Well things are better today... getting used to the empty field.. sure has cut back on the amount of hay i am feeding..we were feeding a bale a day, looks like a bale will last us 4 or 5 days now... what a bonus... got a email from the girls new owner, and she says they have settled and are fitting right in... which i am pleased with... most of them were born here on the place, and that is all they know... I have a big problem sending anything through the auction... I had a lovely old ram, HANK... what a old sweetie he was... but we had too many of his daughters, and had to get rid of him... so i did the same thing, i sold him to a friend, and by the time she had to get rid of him, it was much easier for me... so the same thing will happen with the herd of Shetlands... they were good girls and easy to handle..
I  have the worlds figure skating on in the background.. and they are doing the compulsory dance, which is the golden waltz, and i love the music...nothing better than the old time waltz..If i ever replace the love of my life, the next one will be able to DANCE...only time Larry dances is when he had had too much to drink, which never happens anymore...  
I am taking Levi into town with me tomorrow, have to go get some lay pellets, and going to meet Denise (my agility partner) and introduce her dog Pip to Levi... they have never been together... sure hope they get along..or that will be the end of our doing agility together... 
better get my camera ready to take with me tomorrow..hopefully will take some pictures of them playing.. 
almost ready to go feed the dogs, and gather the eggs and feed the llama and the 3 alpacas..

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