Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Almost December

I sure don't know where the time goes these days...25 days to Christmas...I don't even want to look at the last date i wrote on this blog...i guess nothing interesting is happening around here... We have had a couple of inches of snow.. and the temperature was very cold for a week or so... but it has warmed up nicely today... +4 today... I have started going back to the swimming pool.. 2nd time today..I can hardly make it home without having a snooze..and have dozed twice since  2 pm... Matt came and got his little Min Pin last weekend.. she was so funny, I think she climbed right up his leg...and licked his face till he was soaked...she had finally settled down, and spent a couple of hours a day outside until the tempature dropped ..  he always takes her out on a leash as he lives in the city, and here she just got to run..and run she did... her and Wynn got along really well... Wynn did miss her the first couple of days...Wynn is a funny girl, we laugh at her every day..she loves to play with the ball or frisbee..when it is just the two of us, she brings it back to me, but when the other dogs are around she won't bring it back... she figures they are going to take her toy..I need to take my camera out more often..
I have been working on Christmas presents.. finally figured out what to get Joe.... him and Larry are the hardest to buy for...  I am determined I am going to keep within my budget this year... come hell or high water...got a Dr appt in Kamloops on Thursday so will finish it up that day... and then i will get everything else here in town...
I have to change my picture tomorrow... have to go thru the pics to find a good one.. or go out and take a new one..
I told ya that i lost that bag of fibre, well now i have LOST my Denise needles..and I had just rounded them all up...and they were in the box... I think they got thrown out by mistake... Larry has a small trash can by his chair, and Joe's girlfriend is always cleaning up around here, and I think the box had fallen into the trash can as it had been on the coffee table..and she didn't know what it was and out it went..   I have a few more spots to look, but I went thru the craft room yesterday, and they weren't in there...and the extra bedroom too... I had planned to buy a set of the Harmony needles as i really like the look of them, and i love the colours... so i guess when i get my Christmas $$ I will buy myself another set...
I have been working on cleaning up the junk on my computer desk... I still have business stuff here... I also threw away floppy discs... can ya imagine.. i don't even have a slot for the floppies anymore..
Joe has changed jobs at the Mine.. he is now washing the equipment... we really laughed as it really wears him out... he is used to sitting and driving, now he has to walk.. the wash bay is 500 feet long..but he seems to like it..Theresa (his girlfriend) and her kids where here yesterday... funny kids, worth a giggle or two... I don't take any crap from them, and the look on their faces is too funny... their Mom is a real softy, and they get away with all kinds of crap..but they have learned that doesn't work with me..the youngest came in today and asked to see the EAGLE, finally figured out she meant "Yankee"...the dogs enjoy playing with them..
We didn't have any agility classes this past week, Instructor was away learning how to torture us some more... I didn't take Wynn last class and Levi was a real pain that day... I think he is jealous and works harder when she is there.. I can hardly wait to start Wynn's beginner classes... she has got such good balance, she jumps on the foot stool from the glider rocker and it glides too, and she just balances on it... I have bought a couple of videos on training... now just have to find the time to sit and watch them... well better go do some spinning working on a project..  take care

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