Saturday, December 4, 2010

21 days to the DAY

What a good day at Agility... Levi did really well today... listened to me, ran fast, and didn't make any mistakes... I was very pleased with him to day... I did take Wynn..I want her to get used to staying in the Exercise pen.. I have to tie her in, as she can climb out... she is getting better at staying quiet..she gets excited when the dogs run, she wants to go too...for some reason she likes orange or beige coloured dogs... she gets really excited when Arnie runs, he is a Shibu Inu.. looks like a husky, but is small and very orange..  everyone did really well today... and it was a good course, lots of front crosses..  Levi's last two runs were clean runs... absolutely no mistakes.. and fast...his weaves were amazing... last class(two weeks ago).. I was ready to quit, he just wasn't with the program... I can hardly wait to run Wynn... I have her signed up for the starter classes starting in May..hopefully we will have started practicing at home.  Got some more gifts organized this week, I am trying really hard to stick to my budget... it is tough living on a seniors pension...    I have started going back to the pool, boy i am really ready to nap when i get home.. feels good though...  
I slammed my hand in the door of the shop...smashed my middle finger.. it turned a beautiful shade of purple...doesn't hurt except when  i whack it... I took a couple of pictures of it... better get my pictures down loaded.... take care              

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Gee whiz - how are you supposed to cook, clean, wrap, shop & look after everything else with a bum finger??? Hope you don't have to get in & out of a stretchy sports bra - they're damned near impossible when you have a bad finger or hand . . . Get well soon!