Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year... 2011....where does the time fly..I know I have been very lazy not writing... got into Christmas shopping and that took up loads of time.. Dr appts, and then 3 weeks before Christmas I had a bad reaction to some medication and I was flat on my back for 10 days or so, and it took me another week to get enough energy to do anything... Luck for me I had most of my shopping done, but I had no energy to decorate the house, or bake.. L loves short bread, mince meat, and lemon tarts, but poor boy was out of luck this year.. Teresa and her girls decorated the tree, wasn't even, but I didn't really care... I was so sick i even missed 2 agility classes, and that never happens... We went out for Christmas dinner at friends place, very nice treat...we didn't open our gifts until late Christmas day as Joe was working until about 7 pm... Joe and Teresa gave me a beautiful set of LG front loader washer and dryer,RED.. you actually need papers to run them... very nice..Joe's Teresa loves to do laundry, so now she has a nice set... Matt gave me a gift certificate to Penningtons, I need a new bathing suit, Mom gave me some $$ so I think i will buy myself a set of wooden knitting circular needles... and Larry gave me a heated DOG bed for my old border collie who won't come in the house or the shop...just what I wanted..  Matt came up on Boxing Day, so we had our Christmas dinner on Boxing day...we had Prime Rib, mashed spuds, Yorkshire puddings, and veggies... was it ever good... I am such a good cook.. OH CRAP.... I typed like crazy for 20 minutes, and it didn't save it... so here we go again... now i need to remember what i wrote..   Dogs are doing fine, although 'Mackie' last old border collie is getting very old..we had to put down the old cat just before Christmas, that was tough... he had a very loud annoying meow..and Yankee would holler at him just like we did..."Willy, shut up".. funny Yankee hasn't even mentioned him since willy died...wonder if he knows that Willy is gone...  Matt had his little Min Pin here for a few days, poor little girl has NO coat... she decided she was going to sleep with us last night and crawled right down to the bottom of the bed under the feather duvet and stayed there... Matt went home today, got a New Year's party to night, and promised me that he won't drink and drive, he has been very good about that... he would even sleep in his car if he didn't have $$ for a motel or taxi..
L and I are off to Denise and Jack's in the morning for a Surfer breakfast... rice, sausage, fried egg and gravy... actually it is very good...  got to go find my camera I have some good pics of the dogs on it..  one of the bloggers i read, 'Damesfly' chooses a word for 2011, and tries to stick to it and make it work for her..I have decided that i will try it... now i just have to find the right word..  got Denise's birthday shawl done, just have to block it, it is her birthday next Saturday...will take some pictures of it, it is so different than anything else i have done in years....  Have a great New Year's     S

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