Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cold, cold, cold

Whoopee... next weekend is the Spring Retreat... I can hardly wait... we have 35 guests, and Donna and I...
 i like the spring retreats as the smaller group makes for lots of laughs and eavesdropping...I am finally feeling better... cold/cough/bladder infection/sinus infection all seem to be gone.. thank goodness..
Levi and I had a tough weekend at the Cloverdale Agility Trial...there was something wrong with him...Friday nite we did run a very poor Steeplechase, but Saturday was awful... for the first run he won't leave my side, so i tried to run with him, but he went around the first jump, tried several times to get him to go over it... no luck, so i excused us and left the ring... same thing happened for the 2nd run.. except this time he went thru the jump... twice... so i excused myself again...I spoke to the Judge, and she thought that i did the right thing leaving the ring, she thought he might be limping a bit and suggested that i take him to dog chiropractor who comes to these trials, of course she wasn't there on Saturday..i think he wasn't feeling well as several times i found him quivering in his crate... so we tried again on Sunday, and he went thru the jump again, I then tried the weave poles which he did, but he won't take the next jump.... so I excused us again, and went to find the Chiropractor, she had time to look at him... she ran her hands over him, and felt that he had several spots that need adjustments... so $40 bucks later she had him adjusted...there were several spots that he turned his head to her like she was hurting him... I scratched him again that day... and was very lucky that the manager of the trial gave me a 6 run credit for another trial.. I took him to class yesterday and he seemed okay, although I had him jump 16 inches instead of the regular 22..   damn agility and Dixie have taught him to jump the yard now we can't keep him in... i was wondering if jumping the fence might cause the problem and he does sometimes twist his body as he jumps...
Nothing else too interesting... Food Bank is full of laughs.. some of those native men are just too funny... they love to make ya laugh... I am now Secretary/treasure of the food bank... we are changing a few things..and plan on going to Kamloops to see how they run their food bank..
I rescued the shawlette today... the one where the beads ran and made my white shawl spotted with pink... I over dyed it with Lavendar... and it looks good..still a bit of pink on it... will take it to retreat for show and tell... I am hoping to get the shawl from Denise, the multi colour one.. not sure i will see her this week though.
Well I had better go clean up the kitchen...and get my wheel out and do some spinning, working on some alpaca and silk from Barb Eslake..very nice to spin, although the colour is too soft for me... might over dye it, the lavender was lovely... have a great day

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