Saturday, April 23, 2011

more retreat pictures

I will try again to download the pictures from the retreat..just look at the concentration on these three... Lou, Linda and Glenda...
This is Sue and  Renata... these two do production can feel the heat from their wheels

Bill and Hanlo, two old friends catching up
Isobel modeling a shawl i made..i just saw a big mistake in it... damn..and i traded it for a watch with a beaded strap... guess i will have to email her and tell her i will take it back... this poor shawl originally was white with hot pink beads where the nupps should be...(I hate nupps)...after washing it and blocking it, i found that the colour of the beads had run, and had stained the wool..i was so stressed that i cried..decided to over dye it in Lavender ... turned out better although I can still see the pink stains..but looking at the other picture i took of it... i found a big mistake... of course no one but me can see it...

Levi and I had a good day at agility today... he was better than the others in some things of course... worse in others... I decided to jump him at 16 instead of 22... and he seems to run faster.. We have added another mutt to the pack.. Matt's Miniature Pincher   Kayda.., now Wynn as her own private live toy... they love to play togethere... she is here for a month or two... poor Matt isn't spending the time with her like he should.. that picture is when she was a pup... will take some new ones of her....  have a great nite...S


buster said...

Glad to see Kayda's with you. It's way better for her at your place.
Heard from Isabel today, she's well and rested and seems to be enjoying herself. Hurray!!
Rob and I were talking about you this morning, were your ears burning? His comment? "She's a good sh-t.
Stellar approval from his highness. Not that you need it.
Take care of yourself,

Louisa said...

I bet nobody else will ever notice your mistake in the shawl - especially if you don't tell them! Glad you're finally feeling better. Guess that means there's hope for me yet, huh? Hugs!