Sunday, May 1, 2011

First day of May

first day of May, and I am still wearing my sweater..none of the trees are in bloom... one poor little lilac bush is showing a smidgen of colour, and my Manchurian apricot (at least 10 years old) has its very first bloom on it... went to take a picture of it today, and of course my camera batteries were dead..but they are beening charged as we speak   as i type..
Poor Levi and I had a terrible start to agility class yesterday... i walked the course several times, and then when i went to run it... 21 obstacles and i got lost 4 times.. it just didn't make sense to me....everyone was killing themselves laughing at me..then we broke the course down into smaller parts, and i finally was able to make sense of the course... and Levi ran it really well.. lots of speed and paid attention to me... until we headed for the last obstacle, (a tunnel which he does with no problems)... there i am standing with my arm out, pointing to the tunnel, he turned and looked at me, and went and sat in one of Maureen's chairs.. I kept insisting that he go to the tunnel, and he kept changing chairs.. he finally did the tunnel... and was very proud of himself...
Nothing to exciting this week.. although i did get my new watch from Heather, a picture to follow as soon as the batteries are charged..I have been spinning some lovely Merino and alpaca..almost finished plying it today... will finish to night... it is a very soft mauve colour... but i think i need more colour.. so will over dye it, and find a pattern.. still have two projects to get done, and then I found out at the retreat that there were a couple of my friends that i missed their 60th will have to fix that.. We went to a 65th birthday party last night, they had live music in the garage... what a great time ... she was the very first friend that i made a shawl for... can't believe that it was been 5 years... she had been very sick, but she still uses it..  One of my friends mentioned that they have "An Annual 65th birthday party"... i love the idea..think i am going to use it when i get to be 65...take care everyone, and hopefully spring will show up soon... Wynn and I need to start our beginner agility classes... should be worth a giggle or two..

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