Thursday, May 5, 2011

Its coming, Spring that is

How do ya like that great picture of that turkey boy... he is a Royal Palm turkey... they aren't big.. toms weigh about 20 lbs.. and the hens about 14 lbs... we don't have the hens, bobcat got my 3 hens this winter..and these two are off to Pritchard on the long weekend.. to a girl who raises them...she only wanted one, but i told her the other would be used for dog food... and that changed her she will take both of them... giggle..
nothing interesting around here...  didn't sleep very well last night, so feeling kind of out of sorts today...I did work at the election on Monday... and that was quite interesting, made about $170 bucks, and then wrote a cheque out for my next agiltiy trial and that was $141.00, so i guess it was worth it..  Will be starting Wynn pretty soon... here she is learning what is called 2 on and 2 off... that means two feet on the ground and two feet on the obstacle..she has it figured out already.. she doesn't look too happy, but she is, really... Larry is off to the states on Saturday to pick up some more junk... another "drag Saw"..the saw that was used before chain saws..the hockey game is on so better go get my wheel out and do some spinning... I am meeting Donna tomorrow we are going out for lunch and make some decision about the retreat... Merritt has a very good Japanese restaurant.. the best i have been too... not many but this one is by far the best... have a great night... S

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