Sunday, January 27, 2008

another sunny winter day

Morning, things warmed up a bit... only -9 this morning..spring weather... yeah right...I did stay home yesterday, the thought of going to agility did not excite me... and i really look forward to it every Saturday, but it was just too cold, "my 'get up and go', just got up and went..just didn't have the energy...i think because the cold cold weather just worn me out...Had our friends over for supper and canasta last night..he is a Newfy, and gets a magazine from Newfoundland, called the "Down Homer", they recycle it to us, just for the fun of reading it... every issue they have recipes, so i tried one for desert last nite... "sour cream blueberry cake", looked really really good, so i made it... and it sure didn't look like the picture in the i will write to the magazine and see if they missed something, or i misread the newfy recipe...tasted good, just looked weird..very basic and not too sweet, but we decided it need 'whipping cream' ...

This is 'EASY', our very old llama...we got him about 15 years ago I guess... he was about 2 or 3 years old... he was young enough that he was still growing, he had a halter on, and it had grown into his nose, poor boy, so we doctored him up with 'icing sugar and Vaseline', an old timer cure-all...and it worked good... he is a real sweet heart, he loves people, loves to smell their hair, and gets right in their faces..He is too funny, he teases the dogs... runs up and down the fence with his head over the fence..just to watch them run...He chased a bear out of the sheep pen one year, that took them all a long time to get over it...they are funny creatures...they have to poop in a building.... him and the alpacas... his fleece isn't any good, so i just chuck it away...we shear him our selfs, as he is a bit of a goof, and the last thing we would need is for him to hurt the shearer, and the shearer not be able to work....he doesn't spit much although most people are afraid that they will get spit at...they only spit when they are really mad..first time we sheared him, he spit, but he spit over my head... he has been easy to look after and is fun to watch, think i will walk the pooches this afternoon the sun is shinning... and i need my vitamin D.... hugs

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