Tuesday, January 29, 2008

lost blog

hi... i wrote a real whiney blog yesterday, and it vanished into......., heck who knows where it went...made me feel better writing it, but am annoyed it is gone... very cold all day... yesterday and today..went into the food bank today... not too busy, but it is after Welfare Wednesday, so every one's cupboards are full...up here they only get a week's worth of groceries a month, they can get bread and marg every week... some families have 5 kids and are expecting more... which really bothers me..and the men are fit to work, but won't take minimum wage jobs..

L and i will have been married 40 YEARS on Saturday... i just can't believe we have together that long..I went out and bought him a new wedding band today... wore out the original, lost the 2nd when he was in hospital for his heart surgery... I am on my second one.. it was this type of year when we got married, snowed that day... had our reception in the "Rose Garth" in New Westminster... what a beautiful house... does anyone know if it is still there.. I remember Mom and Dad complaining about the cost... about $1500.00 for about 100 guests and my wedding dress cost $80, and was the one and only one i tried on... it was a size 9, if ya can imagine... my skinny days... Larry was driving a transport truck at the time, so we took it on our Honeymoon and went to LA, and spent a day in Disneyland... we had a mixed load of fruit and veggies, and when we got back to Canada, the border guards couldn't find one box of spinach, so we had to unload the whole truck, just him and i.... what a pain that was.. Oldest son and his wife are taking us out for supper on Friday, that will be the only celebration for us... just another day..bundle up nice and warm and will talk to ya soon............ hugs


Sharon in Surrey said...

Well, happy anniversary Sheila!! Yes, the Rose Garth is still there & still doing weddings!! I think it'll always be there - at least it was last time I looked . . . the little park is still as gorgeous as ever too.

Gee, the first time I got married, we did the 'dirty deed' at Vancouver City Hall on Friday the 13th in 1969. No flowers, no dress. The Registrar was across the hall from the VD Clinic if you can imagine! We took the bus home to our apartment afterwards & partied all night with our buddies in the 'Smiling Buddah' Cabaret on the BAD part of Hastings Street. Hey, we were ALL rebels in those days. No Honeymoon, we could only afford the party. So,we partied all night. I can only party for a couple of hours now . . . . LOL

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the Rose Garth was still there, as we got married in 59 and had the reception there.

Val from Princeton, B.C.