Sunday, February 3, 2008

what good kids

hi... seeing it was our 40th anniversay , our two sons and daughter in law took us out for supper on Friday, as Joe, the oldest had to work on Saturday, the actual day of the big 40...the meal was 'crap', Merritt doesn't have any good places to eat anymore..anyway... they surprised us with a gift certificate and reservation for the nite in the "Four Points, Sheraton Hotel" in Kamloops with $100 gift certificate for a meal in "Ric's Grill" in the hotel..our youngest , Matt came up to stay here, feed the sheep and keep the fire going, so we left here at 4 yesterday, we made arrangements with friends to go with us, as they had just had their 25th annivesary right when Larry had his second surgery and we had planned a meal in Kamloops with them... so we met them at the Hotel, they came up and left their coats in our room, which was by the way the "HONEYMOON suite"... what a giggle.. very nice room, two rooms, two TVs, two bathrooms, (a guest bath and a master bath), and a jacuzzi in the bedroom and a huge California King bed, and a fire place...the meal was to die for... very nice... and very expensive, but i just love a good meal out... they left about 8:30, i had a bath in the jacuzzi, and we crashed about 10 pm... i took a book and knitting, didn't knit and read two pages in my book... we even slept in this morning, and then breakfast came with the room, so we had a nice breakfast and headed home, it was a great nite out, and we both enjoyed the time away... especially with no chores...we were very lucky when we adopted these two boys, they have been good over the years, no problems with them at all... no drinking, no drugs, good marks in school, considerate of others, good with animals, great with their grandmother, and grandfather, and both have good jobs... good kids all the way around... we really lucked out.... L is snoozing on the couch... getting old...
Oh yeah... Dr Z his surgeon told us on Thursday, that he could start putting weight on his ankle.. he was just too funny, he was ready to throw the crutches away, so he started walking about 3 pm and by 8 pm he wanted me to go out to the truck and get his crutches... just like a man, put way too much weight on it too now he uses them most of the day, and it is getting stronger every day.... he even drove to Kamloops yesterday, much to my delight... i get tired and need to snooze... take care all......... hugs Sheila

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Louisa said...

Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary! T and I are only coming up to our 37th this summer so we're a bit behind you guys. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your gift date in Kamloops!